The Art of Instagram Flirting

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Oh no, it’s 1am and you have accidentally liked your crush’s Instagram post from 57 weeks ago. If you’ve been secretly crushing on someone’s Instagram content for ages and want them to notice you then look no further and read our top tips on how to flirt on the most popular photo-sharing app.


Step 1: Only like recent photos

Don’t be weird and stalker-ish by liking a photo of them at a club posing awkwardly with a drink from 117 weeks ago. You don’t want to look desperate so it’s imperative you don’t let your finger double-tap your screen.

Step 2: Comment

Why not flatter them and make a good impression by commenting on their latest post. Keep it short and concise and refrain from writing the typical comment like ‘love this’ or ‘beautiful pic’. Why not try and comment on the content or caption of the photo?

Step 3: Send a message with selfies

Why not just be forward and get straight in there by sending them a picture of your face with the Valencia filter? If that’s too much, too soon for you then make sure your comment or constantly like their recent selfies instead.

Step 4: Use Emojis

There is no better way to express your feelings than using a few cheeky emojis. Let the emojis do the commenting for you, it helps to make your intentions more clear. However use them sparingly, definitely restrict yourself from looking like a hyperactive teenager and don’t send 14 love heart emojis in a row.

Step 5: Wait for reciprocation

If your crush isn’t on the same wave length as you and isn’t replying to comment or liking your photos then maybe it’s time to take the hint. Also make sure that you don’t become that weird person that comments on everyone’s photo.

Step 6: Don’t overthink it

At the end of the day, you are just flirting on social media, so if it goes wrong it’s not the end of the world. All you need to be is your fabulous, flirty self and with a little bit of time you’ll find yourself posting a photo of you two drinking Pina Colada’s in the Caribbean on your honeymoon.

Step 7: Take it offline

Cyberstalking can be fun and playful but make sure that you don’t lose sight of your end game. You want this to end with your crush adding you on Facebook or Snapchat or even asking you out on a dinner date or for drinks.

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