4 Flattering Compliments to Pay Your Date

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Real talk –who doesn’t love a compliment? It literally lights me up so much that I feel like a Christmas tree. It leaves me with an embarrassingly cheesy grin on my face for like 10 minutes. So why not try out these one-liners when you’re next out on a date?


‘I love the way you wear that outfit’ – It’s sweet and shows that you’re observant enough to notice that they took the time and effort to get ready. Anyone would appreciate their date complementing their figure and sense of style.



‘You have such a great sense of humour’ – It’s a large part of someone’s personality so show them that they make you laugh. Why not tell them what about their sense of humour makes them funny?



‘Thank you for being on time’ – For those of you who are busy and overscheduled, your time matters more than almost anything else. Finding someone who is reliable with time is important, so compliment your date on this to show your appreciation.


‘You’re easy to talk to’ – This is heartfelt and will make your date feel warm and fuzzy inside. It will also make them feel more confident about the date and can help to properly break the ice and set a relaxing mood.


4 Of The Best Investments You Can Make At School

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Okay, so you’re broke. Join the club! The issue is more about HOW people are spending their money because girl, if you can spend £100 on headphones, you’re not broke; you’re just investing your money poorly.


THE GYM : It’s important to take of yourself and this is an investment which can go a long way in the future. When you’re healthier, you’re more productive, attractive and likely to make more money.


KNOWLEDGE : If you’re going to spend money, please, buy books. If you want to save the planet, buy e-books. Reading articles and keeping up to date with the news will help you to make more informed decisions in the future.



NETWORKING : Spend money on going to places where you can meet potential employers. Go to conferences and seminars that might teach you essential life skills. Join a club or just become a part of anything that allows you to grow your network.



TRAVEL : Do I really have to explain this? Traveling is by far one of THE BEST things you can do with your money. It changes us in such an amazing by helping us to understand ourselves and others. It helps us define our purpose in life and it gives us perspective.


A Beginner’s Guide To Online Messaging

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You’ve been stalking them from head toe and have been flicking through their photos for weeks. But you still don’t know what to say to start you first conversation, in case you seem to forward or damn right weird. But no need to worry because help is at hand!


START WITH A JOKE : Humour is a great way to get the other person to notice you and it goes a long way. However, make sure your joke isn’t cringey or too forward, make it intriguing so they won’t be able to resist a reply.



ASK A QUESTION : Even the simplest of questions like ‘can I ask you a question?’ will spark an interest and show the other person that you’re actually interested to find out more about them.



MAKE A COMPLIMENT : Everyone loves being praised so why not tell them how great they look in their profile picture but don’t go overboard! Use locations in pictures to start a complementary conversation like ‘that restaurant looks amazing, where is it?’



MAKE AN EFFORT : Creepy messages are definitely not the way forward. Try harder with your first message because whatever you put out there will come back to you.



FIND A COMMON GROUND : Do your research before messaging them by reading their bio on their profile. Don’t hesitate to point out your similar interests and hobbies, as this is a great way to get them to open up to you.



Unique Romantic Gestures to Keep Your Relationship Alive

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Listen up girls and guys because surprise romantic gestures are definitely the way forward. These little, doable ideas are guaranteed to spice up your love life in an instant!


Bring Home Dessert – On the way home from work, stop by that Italian bakery they love and grab a piece of chocolate cake. They will love that you thought of them and food is always the answer.


Get that Broken Thing Fixed – It could be their watch that needs a new battery or their favourite shirt that has a button missing. They’ll be very thankful and will always think of you when using it thereafter.


Passion Date – Surprise them with an unexpected date, if they like whiskey take them whiskey tasting or buy tickets to their favourite musical at the theatre.


Pack Them Lunch – Make them lunch for work one day and write their name on the bag in Sharpie. (Alternatively, put a little note on a napkin and put it in the bag.)

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Offer to Help – Even if it’s just with one thing on their weekend to-do list. If they’re feeling overwhelmed then take some time out of your life to help theirs.

New Year, New Chapter: 7 Relationship Resolutions for 2018

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We have all started the year with the best of intentions with a resolution, whether it’s to save more money or to lose weight. However, by January we find ourselves on the sofa scoffing pizza and drowning our sorrows in wine. However, wouldn’t it also be helpful to resolve something that is actually really important to many of us – relationships?

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Learn to listen: Listening involves investing the time and energy to understand and respond to your partner. It’s a skill at which almost all of us overestimate our ability in, but with patience you can improve communication within your relationship.

Say you love each other more often: Both receiving and expressing messages of affection improves the health of relationships and individuals. Step up your game this New Year and resolve to express your love for one another in a way that feels comfortable to you.

Stop comparing yourself to others: It is toxic to judge your relationship against your friends or family members. Instead of competing to see who can take better couple selfies or go on better adventures, be different and do your own thing.

Have adventures together: Change up your daily grind and do something spontaneous. Why not learn a new language or ride a rollercoaster? Activities such as these make for fun and unforgettable memories.

Stop focusing on whether or not a first date could be ‘The One’: Instead of picking apart your potential partner’s flaws and seeing whether you could last in the long term, live for the now! Keep an open mind and just see how the date goes before you make any pre-judgments.

Focus on small acts of kindness: Generosity makes people happy and is a natural mood booster. It’s important to give ourselves in small, meaningful ways and if we love them, it should be reflected in our behaviour.

Laugh more often: Couples who laugh and have a good time are those that tend to stay together for longer. Why not take a trip down memory lane and retell funny stories or memories from your relationship that made you both laugh.

A Few Easy Ways To Make This Year Awesome

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Remember 2007 when Britney had her melt down? It literally felt like 3 years ago, so how the heck are we in 2018 already?! It’s crazy…. but we are pumped that 2018 is here. We are living in the era of Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality.


Make Time For Travel: Travelling doesn’t mean that you have to go all the way around South East Asia or South America. You could literally go to different parts of the country you live in as a mini tour, because it’s all about experiencing things outside of your comfort zone. So stop the ‘I can’t take time off work’ or ‘I don’t have any money’ excuses and just do it!



Organise Yourself : Remember when your spare room was actually spare and not a storage unit? Mess and clutter can stress us all out to the max so why not (finallllly) clear out your closet and donate or sell those old clothes that you no longer need. As Sharpay Evans would say ‘it’s out with the old and in with the new’


Find Something You’re Passionate About & Dive In: As Justin Bieber has told us, you have to have a purpose in life. So try finding something you love and throw yourself into doing that. Find something that puts a smile on your face because you’re doing something good, challenging or something that requires personal growth.



Think Positively: Approaching every situation with a ‘glass half full’ mentality will go a long way  towards improving your year, and it’s something absolutely everybody can do. Happiness and optimism aside, thinking positively can also reduce stress levels and improve cardiovascular health.


How Online Dating Makes You A Better Person

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There are other benefits of online dating than just finding romantic love. It can make you a better human being and can help with personal growth. Also your preferences will become refined, and your values will be strengthened and you’ll become clearer about what you have to offer a partner.


  • You’ll become more caring: If you regularly go on dates, then chances are you’ll probably hear a few sad stories. By discovering these sides of people will help you get to know them better and makes you feel more connected. It’s a great opportunity to cultivate empathy and work on your listening and advice skills.



  • You’ll be exposed to new places and ideas: Perhaps you learned that the next town has an amazing Spanish restaurant or your date told you about a local beginner’s contemporary dance class. Whatever it is, at least you can count the date a somewhat of a success thanks to your enhanced knowledge of your city.



  • You’ll develop new social skills: Dating really stretches us in ways that we never would expect. We get to build on existing skills like how to hold a conversation for a length of time or how to manage our time better so we can actually fit in all of these dates.



  • You’ll make new friends: No one likes to be friend zoned as it can seem like a consolation prize of dating. However, along the way you’ll make new Facebook friends and get invited to cool events or gatherings, so don’t underestimate the importance of developing new platonic relationship.