Healthy and Easy Cooking Tips For Extremely Lazy People

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Lazy chefs, rejoice! Here are the most useful tips to help you whip up simple but deliciously healthy meals. So why not try a few of these techniques out…that is if you ever decide to get off the sofa.


Oils – Cook with healthy oils like olive and avocado oil because they are not as processed as some others such as canola.


Frozen Veggies– Stock up and make sure you eat them with a healthy fat. Get yourself a double-decker steamer so you can easily make them whenever you want.


Carbs – Make sure you buy complex carbs like quinoa, sweet potatoes and brown rice on hand, as they’re slower to digest and will keep you fuller for longer.


Freeze – Buy plastic freezer bags and good quality Tupperware so that you don’t have to cook as often. Also try and freeze healthy breakfast buns so you always have something to grab in the morning.


One-pot – Consider getting a dependable slow cooker for making low maintenance one-pot recipes, which inevitably creates less washing up. It’s a win-win!


Cooking methods – Try roasting or grilling more of your meals, they’re a great way to make lean meat without using too much cooking oil.


6 Things Only Millennials Will Remember

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We’re the next mega-generation. If you’re thinking why we’re regarded as the tech-savvy and general masters of music…then you’ve come to the right place.


Backstreet was back, and it was alright – It was 1997 and to be honest no one really knew where they had been but we certainly knew that they had come back with a vengeance. They were the quintessential boyband of the 90’s (sorry not sorry N’Sync).

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The Nokia 3360 – This was our first real mobile phone and we had endless cases to choose from. Its battery life was exceptional and it was as hard as a brick. Oh and let’s not forget the EPIC snake game.

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The Tamagotchi – This showed us millennials that we were going to be dreadful parents in the future. We literally left them sitting in piles of poop and we didn’t feed or bathe them in weeks, so they all basically died.


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Skip Protection CD Players – We used to cry when we left our CD binders at home. These were the gods of all gods, we used to sit completely still for 10-30 seconds just so we could listen to Smash Mouth in peace on the bus ride home.

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Hanson – Don’t sit there and pretend you never sang “Mmmbop, ba duba dop/ Ba du bop, ba duba dop / Ba du bop, ba duba dop/ Ba du, yeah” because that was so big, it could have potentially been our country’s national anthem.

via New Weekly Magazine


AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) – this is how we all became masters of online multi-tasking. Imagine the countless teenage relationships that were created and destroyed by that little yellow man…truly savage.

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4 Flattering Compliments to Pay Your Date

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Real talk –who doesn’t love a compliment? It literally lights me up so much that I feel like a Christmas tree. It leaves me with an embarrassingly cheesy grin on my face for like 10 minutes. So why not try out these one-liners when you’re next out on a date?


‘I love the way you wear that outfit’ – It’s sweet and shows that you’re observant enough to notice that they took the time and effort to get ready. Anyone would appreciate their date complementing their figure and sense of style.



‘You have such a great sense of humour’ – It’s a large part of someone’s personality so show them that they make you laugh. Why not tell them what about their sense of humour makes them funny?



‘Thank you for being on time’ – For those of you who are busy and overscheduled, your time matters more than almost anything else. Finding someone who is reliable with time is important, so compliment your date on this to show your appreciation.


‘You’re easy to talk to’ – This is heartfelt and will make your date feel warm and fuzzy inside. It will also make them feel more confident about the date and can help to properly break the ice and set a relaxing mood.


Bulletproof Tips That Will Help You Shine Through Adulthood

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No matter how many straight as you received in school nothing, or no one, has fully prepared us for adulthood.


Speak Up for Yourself : Or forever hold your peace. If you have something to say, then say it because you’ll never know where it can lead! So next time you’re in a meeting, share that idea you have…God gave you a voice for a reason!


Clean Up : Life is messy enough; your apartment doesn’t need to be too. Without fail, make sure you have a date with cleaning products every Sunday night. Clearing and organising your space can make you feel more relaxed and can increase productivity.


Sleep It Off : Repeat after me; sleep is precious. This world can be tiring so make time to rest and relax. Don’t deprive yourself of downtime. Netflix and chill is definitely coming with us in 2018!


It’s Ok, Really : Screwing up is inevitable but most importantly, is OK! Experience is the best teacher, so instead of being hard on yourself, welcome your missteps as learning curves and walk away from each ‘mistake’ with a lesson learned attitude.

4 Time Management Tools for Twenty-Somethings

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As we get older, we take on more and more responsibilities. We have jobs, and relationships, and cleaning, and errands. We become busy, and suddenly it feels like we never have enough time in our day to get everything done that we need to get done. If you can relate then read our tips for managing your time better below!


Prioritize Your Day: Create a to-do list every single day; you can even do this for your personal life. After making one, make sure you prioritize them by most important task to least important task. This specific tool works for me because I find it very easy to choose a fun task over a daunting task, but my prioritized to-do list keeps me on track.


If Your Having a Hard Time Getting Started: Move on – A rule I use, is that if a task is taking me more than 20 minutes to get started, move on. Sometimes we’re just not in the right zone to give a task our attention. If we move on and complete an easier task that may help us get into the focused zone we need to come back to the previous task and get it done.


Let Go of Perfectionism: Something that often interferes with our planning and time management is trying to be perfect. Now, there is a difference between doing things with quality and giving it your all, and trying to do everything perfectly.


Accomplish Something Small: When you’re feeling unproductive or having a hard time getting things done, start with a small, easy task. This can work in any area of your life, professional or personal.

4 Ways Moving to a New City is Awesome

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Living in a new place can provide you with so many positive experiences and opportunities for self-exploration and growth.


It pushes you out of your comfort zone : Every single thing you do will be a new adventure, something as simple as going to a new gym, is a new experience. In order to make new friends, you will have to start attending different events and exploring the city more and more.


It increases your adaptability: Being in a new city increases your ability to adapt to new situations and experiences. As you learn to adapt and adjust, you grow as a person, and depending on where you move to, you may even have to adapt to new laws, languages, cultural norms, etc. But, all of these things provide great opportunities for learning and growth.

Moving provides you with new opportunities : With new cities comes new experiences and opportunities! You will be exposed to various concerts, festivals, events, restaurants, etc. It is so exciting to explore a new city and all it has to offer! Of course, it is not just career opportunities; it is volunteer opportunities, various groups and classes, internships, activities, etc.


Moving brings forth new relationships : Lastly, with a new city, comes new people. It is so nice to meet new people who can teach you new life lessons and expand on your own experiences. From every single person you meet, you gain something!

5 Little Reminders for Life in Your Twenties

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Because sometimes we need a little reminder that we’re doing just fine, and that everything will be okay.


Focus on what can go right: Stop letting the fear of failure, self-doubt, and negative talk stop you from pursuing your goals and ambitions. Start focusing on the positive and what can go right if you push yourself.


Exist to be happy, not to impress: Live your life for you, not for anybody else. Stop worrying about what others say, or what people will think, and live your life the way you want to.


Kindness is free: Be a kind person. Being kind will never cost you a damn thing, and you will get some great karma in return.


You only fail if you quit: The fear of failure often prevents us from trying things in the first place. But trying and not succeeding is different from trying and giving up because things get too hard.


Learn to let go of the things you cannot control or change: There are some things we have no control over so don’t dwell on them. We can’t always control certain outcomes or situations, but we can control out reaction to them.

4 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

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It’s tempting to throw your day to day routine out of the window when you’re on holiday but before you do, you should know that it’s DEFINITELY possible to stay healthy on your endeavours.


A Balanced Start: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even on travel days. On the go smoothies are a go to breakfast choice as you can pack tons of nutrients into and it takes hardly any time to make.


Avoid Being Hungry:  I don’t know about you but I am so not myself when I’m hungry. Having fresh food stashed in your backpack is a game changer while traveling, so why not pack some apples, nuts and protein bars?


Reusable Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is important and if you keep refiling throughout your travels I promise you that you’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for your journey.


A Daily Healthy Decision: A large part of traveling is experiencing the culture and trying new foods. However, if you make the promise to yourself to eat one healthy meal a day it will make a substantial difference.

4 Of The Best Investments You Can Make At School

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Okay, so you’re broke. Join the club! The issue is more about HOW people are spending their money because girl, if you can spend £100 on headphones, you’re not broke; you’re just investing your money poorly.


THE GYM : It’s important to take of yourself and this is an investment which can go a long way in the future. When you’re healthier, you’re more productive, attractive and likely to make more money.


KNOWLEDGE : If you’re going to spend money, please, buy books. If you want to save the planet, buy e-books. Reading articles and keeping up to date with the news will help you to make more informed decisions in the future.



NETWORKING : Spend money on going to places where you can meet potential employers. Go to conferences and seminars that might teach you essential life skills. Join a club or just become a part of anything that allows you to grow your network.



TRAVEL : Do I really have to explain this? Traveling is by far one of THE BEST things you can do with your money. It changes us in such an amazing by helping us to understand ourselves and others. It helps us define our purpose in life and it gives us perspective.


Deliciously Healthy Date Night Dinners

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Date night doesn’t have to consist of binge-watching Netflix, eating extra cheesy pizza and bucket loads of popcorn. There are hundreds of ways to spice up your dates in a healthy way, because if it’s good for you, it can be good for two.


Vegetable stir-fry: 



via BBC Good Food


Sesame butterflied chicken: 


via jamieoliver.com


Stuffed peppers with couscous, courgette and mozzarella: 


via Good to Know


Poached salmon with cucumber and dill sauce:


via All Recipes

Tuna Ceviche: 


via Great British Chefs