Being The Petty One In A Relationship

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Put your hands in the air if this post relates to you! Being petty is a full time job and as Joanne The Scammer once wisely said ‘be positive, be patient, be petty.’


  • When he cancels on your date night so you don’t speak to him for like a whole hour or two (shocking right?!



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  • When you go out of your way to let them know how you REALLY feel (okay this is being just extra petty but we still love it).


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  • When something he does really annoys you but instead of talking about it, you just ignore him.




  • Preparing a full PowerPoint presentation to put bae’s scheming ways on air to everyone on the planet.

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  • When you find out he has a side bae, so you take everything that’s his and then drop him like a fly.


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  • When he mentions other girls names while you’re arguing so you go full Beyoncé on him like a crazy woman.


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