5 Ways Millennials Deal With Life’s Curveballs

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The millennial generation is the most forward, the strongest and let’s be honest the best to date. We understand that there is still inequality, stereotyping and racism and we stand up and do something about it.


1. We Get Over It – Life is a daily challenge for us, so we definitely know how to pick ourselves up and find a solution to the problem. Most importantly, after we have made a decision we will get it done to the absolute best of our ability.


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2. We Know How To Treat Ourselves – You better believe we know how to take care of ourselves.  A 2014 study showed that over 73% of millennials planned on checking something off of their bucket list in 2015. 20 somethings understand that now is the time to be spontaneous and go on crazy lads holidays to Vegas.



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3. We Laugh About It – We’re hilarious, let’s be honest we have created some of the best trends and crazes of this generation. I guarantee you that if something embarrassing happens today; it’ll probably turn into a meme tomorrow.


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4. We drown the problem in alcohol – I know what you’re thinking, this was getting deep until I dropped the A-bomb. Truthfully, we can’t think of better way of getting over a mishap than downing a few shots with your friends (even if we regret it in the morning).


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5. We stand up for what’s right – Thanks to us, things like body positivity, voting and LGBTQ rights are in the media now more than ever. We are constantly spreading awareness and goodwill on social media and when we see something that isn’t right we don’t just sit back and let it happen, we take action.


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Being The Petty One In A Relationship

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Put your hands in the air if this post relates to you! Being petty is a full time job and as Joanne The Scammer once wisely said ‘be positive, be patient, be petty.’


  • When he cancels on your date night so you don’t speak to him for like a whole hour or two (shocking right?!



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  • When you go out of your way to let them know how you REALLY feel (okay this is being just extra petty but we still love it).


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  • When something he does really annoys you but instead of talking about it, you just ignore him.




  • Preparing a full PowerPoint presentation to put bae’s scheming ways on air to everyone on the planet.

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  • When you find out he has a side bae, so you take everything that’s his and then drop him like a fly.


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  • When he mentions other girls names while you’re arguing so you go full Beyoncé on him like a crazy woman.


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6 Ted Talks Every Twenty-Something Should Watch

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Ted Talks are the best; they’re ALWAYS thought-provoking and provide us with a lot of inspiration. They are also no longer then 25 minutes so even for the busiest of people; you can squeeze a cheeky one in while you’re on your lunch break.


  1. Mel Robbins – How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over



 2. Kristen Hadeed – The Milennial Myth



3.Elizabeth Gilbert – Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating



4. Shlomo Benartzi – Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow



5. Abria Joseph – Removing Negative Self Talk



6. Meg Jay – Why 30 is not the new 20



6 Times the Obama’s Set The Relationship Bar High

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We truly miss this dynamic duo who have set the standard for #relationshipgoals since 1992. If these photos don’t make you believe in love, then I don’t know what will.


Their dance during the Western Inaugural Ball on Jan. 20, 2009, in Washington, DC.


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President Barack Obama’s desk in the Oval Office of the White House on Feb. 2, 2009.


via Reuters

Barack and Michelle Obama dance while the band Earth, Wind and Fire performs at the Governors Ball in the State Dining Room of the White House on Feb. 22, 2009.


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The Obamas talk backstage before an event for the United We Serve service project at Fort McNair in Washington, DC, on June 25, 2009.


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Barack Obama stands by a cut out picture of his wife during a visit to Miami Central High School on March 4, 2011.


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Barack and Michelle Obama on the ‘Kiss Cam’ during an Olympic basketball exhibition game between the United States and Brazil men’s national teams, in Washington, DC, on July 16, 2012.


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8 Ridiculously Cute Animals That Are Basically You Around Your Crush

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We all act embarrassingly awkward when our crush is around and these adorable animal pictures, perfectly capture our feelings and thoughts more than words can ever do.


  1. Unexpectedly seeing bae in public:



2. Overdressing for your date with bae:



3. When he tries to make it up to you:



4.  The dreaded wait for the ‘text back’:



5. That moment when you catch someone flirting with your crush:



6. When you’re obsessed with everything that they do:



7. When you bend over backwards trying to make bae happy:



8. When your crush talks about their ex on your first date:


The Art of Instagram Flirting

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Oh no, it’s 1am and you have accidentally liked your crush’s Instagram post from 57 weeks ago. If you’ve been secretly crushing on someone’s Instagram content for ages and want them to notice you then look no further and read our top tips on how to flirt on the most popular photo-sharing app.


Step 1: Only like recent photos

Don’t be weird and stalker-ish by liking a photo of them at a club posing awkwardly with a drink from 117 weeks ago. You don’t want to look desperate so it’s imperative you don’t let your finger double-tap your screen.

Step 2: Comment

Why not flatter them and make a good impression by commenting on their latest post. Keep it short and concise and refrain from writing the typical comment like ‘love this’ or ‘beautiful pic’. Why not try and comment on the content or caption of the photo?

Step 3: Send a message with selfies

Why not just be forward and get straight in there by sending them a picture of your face with the Valencia filter? If that’s too much, too soon for you then make sure your comment or constantly like their recent selfies instead.

Step 4: Use Emojis

There is no better way to express your feelings than using a few cheeky emojis. Let the emojis do the commenting for you, it helps to make your intentions more clear. However use them sparingly, definitely restrict yourself from looking like a hyperactive teenager and don’t send 14 love heart emojis in a row.

Step 5: Wait for reciprocation

If your crush isn’t on the same wave length as you and isn’t replying to comment or liking your photos then maybe it’s time to take the hint. Also make sure that you don’t become that weird person that comments on everyone’s photo.

Step 6: Don’t overthink it

At the end of the day, you are just flirting on social media, so if it goes wrong it’s not the end of the world. All you need to be is your fabulous, flirty self and with a little bit of time you’ll find yourself posting a photo of you two drinking Pina Colada’s in the Caribbean on your honeymoon.

Step 7: Take it offline

Cyberstalking can be fun and playful but make sure that you don’t lose sight of your end game. You want this to end with your crush adding you on Facebook or Snapchat or even asking you out on a dinner date or for drinks.

4 Helpful Tips For Finding A Significant Other This Year

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Even though being single is not necessarily a bad thing, it can still suck to be the only one without a partner. Apart from signing up to a great dating app (like DatePlay!!!) if you can’t stand being #ForeverAlone then listen to this advice.


  1. Be clear on what you’re looking for – Do you actually want a partner or are you just bored? Or is it because all of your friends have a partner so you feel like you need to have one too?



  1. Be realistic with your expectations– Make a list of qualities that you’re looking for in someone but be careful to not go overboard. Try to find someone who fits the criteria, but don’t dismiss someone who doesn’t.


  1. Don’t be depressed about being single – It’s one thing to laugh at your own despair and tragedy from time to time, but it’s a whole different story when it becomes all that you bang on about on both social media and in person.



  1. Don’t be afraid to spend time with people from your past – You’re older and wiser so if you dated someone years ago (or maybe you didn’t date, but you liked them a lot), but for some reason it didn’t work out, why not test the waters again?


6 Tips to Email Etiquette

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Have you ever just stared at an email for ages worrying that you sound dumb, have made too many typos or you forgot something? Well join the club because I’ve probably made every e-mail mistake in the book.


Proofread your email – Please for the love of whatever is holy on this earth! Make sure you have spelt things correctly because sometimes autocorrect can be a damn pain. Also double check that your grammar is on fleek and that you actually included those attachments.


If you are emailing loads of people, use BCC – No one and I mean NO ONE, wants to get an email with 50 people CC’ed and getting every single one of them replying with ‘thanks Barbara, you’re a lifesaver’ or ‘cool, got it!’. So please leave me and my inbox out of everybody’s replies.


Don’t send chain emails – This isn’t MSN and we’re not still in 2003, so don’t clog up people’s emails with junk. I don’t care that my brother will be cursed by Satan if I don’t forward this email to 5 friends because guess what? I don’t even have a brother.


Choose an accurate subject line – If you are pitching to someone, make it intriguing so they want to open it. If you are working with someone make sure it’s specific to the conversation. It should be memorable, as in ‘what keywords would I search if I was trying to find this email?’


Set up a vacation auto-responder – If you are going away for more than 2 days, and then use a vacation notification. No one wants to be left thinking why you still haven’t replied to my email. So let me know that you won’t be responding, rather than me wondering if they are in spam or you’re just simply ignoring me.

Healthy and Easy Cooking Tips For Extremely Lazy People

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Lazy chefs, rejoice! Here are the most useful tips to help you whip up simple but deliciously healthy meals. So why not try a few of these techniques out…that is if you ever decide to get off the sofa.


Oils – Cook with healthy oils like olive and avocado oil because they are not as processed as some others such as canola.


Frozen Veggies– Stock up and make sure you eat them with a healthy fat. Get yourself a double-decker steamer so you can easily make them whenever you want.


Carbs – Make sure you buy complex carbs like quinoa, sweet potatoes and brown rice on hand, as they’re slower to digest and will keep you fuller for longer.


Freeze – Buy plastic freezer bags and good quality Tupperware so that you don’t have to cook as often. Also try and freeze healthy breakfast buns so you always have something to grab in the morning.


One-pot – Consider getting a dependable slow cooker for making low maintenance one-pot recipes, which inevitably creates less washing up. It’s a win-win!


Cooking methods – Try roasting or grilling more of your meals, they’re a great way to make lean meat without using too much cooking oil.