6 Tips to Email Etiquette

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Have you ever just stared at an email for ages worrying that you sound dumb, have made too many typos or you forgot something? Well join the club because I’ve probably made every e-mail mistake in the book.


Proofread your email – Please for the love of whatever is holy on this earth! Make sure you have spelt things correctly because sometimes autocorrect can be a damn pain. Also double check that your grammar is on fleek and that you actually included those attachments.


If you are emailing loads of people, use BCC – No one and I mean NO ONE, wants to get an email with 50 people CC’ed and getting every single one of them replying with ‘thanks Barbara, you’re a lifesaver’ or ‘cool, got it!’. So please leave me and my inbox out of everybody’s replies.


Don’t send chain emails – This isn’t MSN and we’re not still in 2003, so don’t clog up people’s emails with junk. I don’t care that my brother will be cursed by Satan if I don’t forward this email to 5 friends because guess what? I don’t even have a brother.


Choose an accurate subject line – If you are pitching to someone, make it intriguing so they want to open it. If you are working with someone make sure it’s specific to the conversation. It should be memorable, as in ‘what keywords would I search if I was trying to find this email?’


Set up a vacation auto-responder – If you are going away for more than 2 days, and then use a vacation notification. No one wants to be left thinking why you still haven’t replied to my email. So let me know that you won’t be responding, rather than me wondering if they are in spam or you’re just simply ignoring me.

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