6 Common Lies That You Hear On a First Date

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First dates are nerve-racking and there can be several awkward silences. To fill the gaps you may bombard your date with thousands of questions and in the heat of the moment they may reply with a lie or over-exaggeration? If that’s you, then join the club.

Have you ever just sat in a date thinking…?


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‘I don’t usually date people on the Internet’.

‘I’m looking for someone with a sense of humour’.


‘The break up was a mutual decision’.


‘I love my job; there are just so many perks’.

‘I’m not a big drinker; in fact I only drink on the weekends’.


‘I’ve moved on, I haven’t thought about my ex in months’.

‘I do all of my own cooking, I just love experimenting with different ingredients’.



‘This was the best date I’ve ever been on, I’ll text you tomorrow’.


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