5 Ways Millennials Deal With Life’s Curveballs

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The millennial generation is the most forward, the strongest and let’s be honest the best to date. We understand that there is still inequality, stereotyping and racism and we stand up and do something about it.


1. We Get Over It – Life is a daily challenge for us, so we definitely know how to pick ourselves up and find a solution to the problem. Most importantly, after we have made a decision we will get it done to the absolute best of our ability.


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2. We Know How To Treat Ourselves – You better believe we know how to take care of ourselves.  A 2014 study showed that over 73% of millennials planned on checking something off of their bucket list in 2015. 20 somethings understand that now is the time to be spontaneous and go on crazy lads holidays to Vegas.



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3. We Laugh About It – We’re hilarious, let’s be honest we have created some of the best trends and crazes of this generation. I guarantee you that if something embarrassing happens today; it’ll probably turn into a meme tomorrow.


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4. We drown the problem in alcohol – I know what you’re thinking, this was getting deep until I dropped the A-bomb. Truthfully, we can’t think of better way of getting over a mishap than downing a few shots with your friends (even if we regret it in the morning).


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5. We stand up for what’s right – Thanks to us, things like body positivity, voting and LGBTQ rights are in the media now more than ever. We are constantly spreading awareness and goodwill on social media and when we see something that isn’t right we don’t just sit back and let it happen, we take action.


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