How to Land Your Dream Job in Your Twenties

You could be working in a coffee shop by day and babysitting by night. Achieving your dream job in your 20s can feel like a never-ending treadmill, but trust in the fact that job hopping and career mistakes are all part of the process. The good news is that these are all crucial pieces which can help you to fit your career puzzle together.


1. Define What You Want –Take some time out to sit down and research the job that you really want. You have to be prepared and know what you are letting yourself in for, so keep yourself focused and put everything you have into achieving your goal.


2. Stop Asking For Permission – It doesn’t matter what other people think about the career path you may choose to go down, because at the end of the day you are the person who has to live with it. So more than anything, the prospect of having this job should excite and motivate you.


3. Reach Out To Your Connections And Make New Ones – Networking is more important now than ever, so always remember to carry business cards and use social media to your advantage. According to Fortune Magazine experts, ‘more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find talented candidates’.


4. Find Ways To Stand Out –You’re one in 300 million potential job seekers on LinkedIn so being creative is essential. Showcasing the right amount of personality or expressing your professional voice on industry-related news that you’re actually passionate about, can go a long way.                                        


5. Never Doubt Yourself And Keep Your Mind Open To The Journey – Undoubtedly there will be obstacles along the way and in the end you may not end up in the destinations you initially hoped you would be. However, you did everything you could to get there and you never know you could still end up there in your thirties!


How to Make Every Morning a Good Morning


‘Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose’. The hustle and bustle of mornings can hide the importance of having a morning routine. Mornings are all about setting yourself up for success, so why not start by making these 5 simple adjustments?


1. Go to sleep the same time every night – Try and maintain a regular sleeping schedule and give yourself the suggested 7-8 hours of sleep every night. I know it’s easier said than done, especially when you’ve just started a new Netflix show and you have the ‘one more episode wouldn’t hurt’ mentality.  


2. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier –When we hit our alarms and race out of bed in the mornings, everything can feel manic and rushed. However, this tip will give you time to mentally prepare and stretch before the long day ahead.


3. Make your bed – I know what you’re thinking…ain’t nobody got time for that. Trust me on this one, making your bed actually helps you to get started on a productive path and you feel a tiny sense of accomplishment before you even walk out of the front door.  


4. Eat well and big – No I’m not asking you to eat the entire contents of your fridge before you head to work, I’m just advising you to eat enough to feel energised.  Oh and let’s be honest, it can be really awkward when you’re in a meeting and your belly starts rumbling like a whale.


5. Set goals and intentions – You need to walk out of the door knowing your next move. Set yourself something that you have to achieve before you next lay your head back down on your pillow. If you’re struggling with this, why not read an inspirational quote to make yourself feel all gooey and positive?  


Romantic Winter Date Ideas

Why not melt away the cold-weather blues by trying out our fun and memorable winter date suggestions?  They will guarantee to make you feel extra Christmassy.


  1. Ice Skating – There is no other time in the year where you will get the amazing chance to skate outdoors, in front of a beautiful scenic backdrop. Also, holding hands throughout this classic winter date will warm your heart.


via unsplash.com

2. Visit a Christmas Market – Nothing beats taking a stroll through the city to see all of the Christmas lights. Make sure to visit the markets whilst you there to sample some delicious homemade Christmas treats. Be that little bit more adventurous and visit a Christmas Market abroad!


via thesun.co.uk

3. Build a Gingerbread House – With so many holidays taking place over the next few months this is the perfect time to put your baking skills into action. So why not get a sugar high and whip up a festive treat together?


via thesiloct.org

4. Winter Wonderland – Wrap up warm, grab a hot chocolate and soak in the cold winter air, by visiting a place that’s only open one season a year. Have some fun trying out the different rides and games on offer, or simply stroll through, either way you’re guaranteed to feel Christmassy.



via visitlondon.com

5. Spa Night – The cold weather can be harsh and dry out our skin, so why not plan a night of relaxation at a spa to hydrate it? It also makes the perfect peaceful spot for some bonding time.


via unsplash.com

10 Things You Totally Did as a Teenager in the 2000s

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If you are a millennial you will surely remember all of these great things. Remember when messaging your friends on MSN was the highlight of your day, or when you played on Miniclip for hours and hours on end? These 10 unforgettable memories will leave you reminiscing of your younger days as a teen (ah if only we could go back).


1. You memorized the ‘Remix to Ignition’

 Via now-here-this.timeout.com


2. You were addicted to playing Snake on your Nokia cell phone.

Via Buzzfeed


3. You stole Pick ‘n Mix from Woolworths

Via woolworthsmuseum.com


4. You played with your Tamagotchi for hours

Via Buzzfeed

5. You sent songs to your friends through Bluetooth


6. You went to Blockbuster every Friday night to rent out your favourite movie

Via mentalfloss.com


7. You Denied Things by Saying, “It Wasn’t Me,” in a Jamaican Accent

Via Giphy


8. You decked out your arm with Livestrong and other cause bracelets

Via sodahead.com


9. You went to school with this bag

@Mxntego twitter.com


10. You owned a pair of Heelys

Via AliExpress.com


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4 Helpful Holiday Hacks

As much anticipated as they are, holidays usually bring an extra layer of stress that you really don’t need right now. So keep these 4 genius hacks in your mind to keep yourself focused on the joy of the holiday itself.


1. Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday – If you want to save money on flights than firstly book in advance. You should also choose unsocial times like 4am on a Tuesday or a Wednesday as there tends to be an up to a 15-25% drop in the price compared to the other days of the week.

via Unsplash

2. Switch on Private Browsing – If you are frantically searching for the best deals, then use this method. Accepting those cookie warnings, means they know what you want which can cause the prices you’re shown to rise simply because you’ve searched for those flights before.

via Unsplash

3. Invest in a Portable Charger – The holidays involve a lot of running around and not enough time to keep your phone plugged in. If you’re like me and panic when your battery hits below 70% then make sure to keep one handy at all times.

via thegadgetflow

4. Don’t Be Caught Empty Handed – Let’s be honest, it’s pretty much rude to show up to a holiday party without a gift. Whether it’s a simple box of chocolates or a personal gift, people will always remember your thoughtful gesture and reciprocate it in the future.

via Unsplash

5 Pictures That Perfectly Capture Your Long-Term Relationship

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Are you in a long-term relationship and are wondering if your little tiffs you’re having with your partner are normal? Yes, they probably are and everyone in a long-term relationship are likely to be having them too. These are so relatable it’s crazy.

1. Deciding Dinner – We have all struggled to decide what we want for dinner and where to go. We say ‘oh it’s your turn to choose’ or ‘I’ll have whatever you’ll have’. What should usually take only 5 minutes to decide, can end up in a full-blown argument.

Via Buzzfeed

2. Arguments – when you both think that you’re in the right in the argument so lash out at each other to prove your points. However, you later admit that maybe you were being slightly unfair.

Via Buzzfeed

3. Supportive – when you have to call your partner to come and kill a bug for you, even though it’s the size of a toe nail. If they come and do the job then you instantly know that they’re a keeper.

Via weheart.com

4. Shopping problems – You have both to the supermarket for your weekly shopping, only to return and remember that you have forgotten toilet paper. It’s likely that you’ll both blame each other saying ‘I reminded you’ when you probably didn’t.

Via quickmeme.com

5. Musical mayhem – When they make fun of your Spotify playlist because you have one, yes ONE Katy Perry song on your ‘2016 Club Bangers’ playlist. Even though, you secretly know that they listen to Enrique Iglesias.  

Via memegen.com


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8 Quotes That Will Give Millennials a Kick in the Right Direction

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We’ve all been thrown off course and to be honest it REALLY sucks. Although these quotes may not be the solution to your problem, we guarantee you that they’ll make you feel motivated enough to start resolving it.


1. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Via Pinterest


2. Empower Others

Via themillennialmiss


3. Be Realistic


4. Never Doubt Yourself

Via foreo


5. Don’t Miss An Opportunity

Via Instagram @goop


6. Self-Love

Via Instagram @popsugarfitness


7. Be Fearless

Via themillennialmiss


8. Puppy Power

Via foreo

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Lessons You Will Never Be Taught In a Classroom

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Ever finished university and thought to wait…how do taxes work? How do I pay bills? Or, what even are mortgages? Same. The funny thing about school is, you learn the ins and outs of a plant cell but you never really seem to learn about the real world.


  • Networking

If only our teachers shoved the importance of networking down our throats like they did homework. When a networking opportunity arises, take it with both hands. Not only will you have the chance to practice your communication skills but you could also be shaking hands with your future employer or business partner.  



  • Perseverance Is Key

If you’re reading this, you were probably like me, the awkward slightly overweight kid who came last in every Sports Day event for 6 years running. Yes, you may not be the Usain Bolt of the school but at least you picked yourself up every year and gave it another try.



  • Wisdom comes from life experience, not textbooks.

Remember when George shot Lennie and you had to write a 3000 word essay on it? It was pretty much pointless. Most of the lessons you learn about life come from actually experiencing it, so why not just swap AQA for adventures?





  • How to Handle Money  

They say ‘the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately’. The hard realisation after coming out of full-time education is that you won’t be able to swipe mummy and daddy’s credit card forever. We have all been in that situation where you feel like treatin’ yo self but your credit card is probably going to decline after buying a croissant.



  • It’s Okay To Make Mistakes

It was frowned upon to make mistakes inside the classroom and if you did teachers (like mine) would say ‘did you not try hard enough?’ Well, isn’t ironic that some of life’s most important lessons are learned from making ‘mistakes’?




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7 Simple Reasons Why Your Best Friend is a Lifesaver

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To the one person who is honest enough to tell you that you can’t pull off mom jeans, we value you. Thank you for your straight up realness, sass and words of wisdom in difficult situations because without you, we don’t know where we would be.


1. When you’re in a club and you really need to pee, your best friend comes with you and waits inside the cubicle so you don’t have to go alone.

2. Even though it may pain them inside, they let you borrow their favourite mascara or they even help you with your contouring.

3. They offer to pay your share of the bill when you forget your purse at home and insist that you don’t have to pay them back

4. They give you the best advice about your love life and they can bail you out when you’re stuck in an awkward situation because they know you so well.

5. They don’t hold back on telling you the truth, whether it’s telling you that you look bloated or saying that your Instagram selfie was not up to standards, at least they’re honest.

6. They cover for you when you’re grounded and make up a lie to your parents saying that they’re at netball club, when really you’re going on a date with your boyfriend to Nando’s.

7. They are the only ones who will tell you that your breath stinks or that you have something stuck in between your teeth or that you have an ugly spot below your chin and offer to pop it for you, gross but helpful.


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10 Things Every Twenty Something Girl Should Have In Her Home

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I’m a firm believer that your space is a reflection of your state of mind and your personality. I pretty much guarantee you that having a well-decorated, chic and organised home will make you more happy and successful.



because you definitely don’t want guests to leave coffee stains on your brand new shiny IKEA table

A cactus or flowers in a nice vase

– one of the best ways to add some colour and life to your home without spending a fortune

A pretty rug

– whether big or small, it can add some colour to your home and make your space feel inviting and cosy

A flea market/charity shop find

– a unique piece adds a slight edge to your home that you will never find in a furnishing store

A nice set of hangers

– nothing beats thin non slip hangers which keep your closet organised and make more room on the rack

A scented candle

– there is nothing like setting a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere than lighting a candle

Framed Artwork

– add a bit of chic and comfort to your home, you could even frame a family/friends photo for a personal touch

A fancy set of wine glasses and matching cutlery sets

– this might make you feel like you’re turning into your mum but this is a huge adult step

A designated workspace

– this will make you feel like your life is in order and is makes you much more productive than sitting on your bed or the sofa

A Kitchen Drink Appliance

– whether it’s a smoothie blender, coffee maker or kettle you definitely need one to make your mornings a little bit easier


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